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When it comes to my hair cut/color, I am very FUSSY and particular. I've been to over 15 recommended hairdressers in Sydney - some being the 'best'- and none could meet my expectations. In my opinion, a haircut and color is not how good it looks when you leave the salon, but how well the shape is maintained and how the color develops/fades over time.

Xavier and his team take great pride in what they do, and work extremely hard to deliver the quality service for each client. He exudes confidence and rightly so, as he is the sole hair stylist and its not easy getting an appointment with him. His attention to detail is impeccable as he gives consultation every visit and goes through the technicalities of coloring your hair - who knew it was so scientific!

What I appreciate most is his honesty and he will bluntly tell you if a style won't suit or if your hair is too damaged, and will give you the undivided attention we all want. You know your stylist is pretty awesome if Aussie girls compliment your hair! ;)


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