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Intelligent Disinfectant System (IDS)


     Biosentry’s Intelligent Disinfectant Stations are an effective sanitation


solution that dispenses our disinfectants and provides whole body coverage.

     Every customers would love to have a high hygienic standard environment

during their hair sercice. IDS can help us achieve the expectation.


 to significantly reduce the probability of communicable biohazard contagion


and spread.

photo 12-10-2017, 7 28 43 am.png
TGA Approved
Tested by
Analytical Microlabs
Australian rickettsial reference laboratory

      Every year, Feather Factor is willing to study and explore more new


technology for our clients. Not only focus on hair technique, we also try our


best to achieve client's satisfaction.  

      Due to COVID impact, Feather Factor  is proudly to introduce the


intelligent disinfectant station in our Studio. Each client will spray the whole


body before they check-in. We aim to reduce microbial contagion / virus



We know that a safe. hygienic, high quality, cosy environment can make a


huge different during the hair service.  IDS alos get proved it is odourless /


hypoallergenic, and safe for pregnant women and infants.

We care our client'e health as much as you care yourself.

photo 12-10-2017, 7 28 43 am.png
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