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About me

About me


Xavier is originally from Hong Kong. He has been in the hairdressing industry for more than 12 years. With passion and dedication, Xavier has built a good reputation in the industry and a highly satisfying clientele. Xavier believes that the best result comes from a good understanding of the client's need and want. Thus he employs a concept of OADI ("O"bservation, "A"sking Questions, "D"iscussion, "I"magination) for every client.

Customer Feedback


I have met Xavier for nearly ten years and he has been cutting my hair during these ten years, and also I handed over my husband’s hair to him. I am always at ease with him, and I never have to worry about whether the final result is satisfactory, he can always meet my expectations.

Xavier is very professional, he can always balance hair quality and effect well.He needs your ideas, but he doesn't need you to tell him what to do. Xavier and his team can always provide guests with a comfortable experience, whether you need an active or quiet atmosphere while you are designing your hair.

Xavier will be our family’s eternal partner, and in the future my baby’s hair will be handed over to him with confidence.


When it comes to fashionable haircuts, good conversations or a stylish studio, the Feather Factory has it all.

Xavier has been my hairdresser for almost 12 years. No matter the hairstyles I have asked for through the times, he has always been able to create the look that I have wanted. He is very charismatic and approachable person whom has a passion in styling hair and working to his upmost capabilities. In addition to this, he strives for excellence and is critical of his own skills and is always up to date with latest trends.


Xavier is my go to hairdresser. I have been going to him for the last 7years and I wouldn't trust anyone else to cut and treat my hair. The first few years I was seeing Xavier regularly to ensure my hair was kept healthy however in recent years I started growing out my hair and visiting him to have my long hair cut to donate to charity.

He has always gone above and beyond to prepare my hair as required for donation while being able to bring my vision of my hair style to life. I have always walked away loving my new hair and could not recommend Xavier and his team more highly.

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