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Xavier is originally from Hong Kong. He has been in the hairdressing industry for more than 12 years. With passion and dedication, Xavier has built a good reputation in the industry and a highly satisfying clientele. Xavier believes that the best result comes from a good understanding of the client's need and want. Thus he employs a concept of OADI ("O"bservation, "A"sking Questions, "D"iscussion, "I"magination) for every client.  

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I have been a repeat customer of Xavier’s for over 10 years now and I won’t be stopping any time soon! His attention to detail and the pride he has for his work is evident every time I come in for a cut and colour. I also love that his staff also have the same pride in what they do so it’s a great team to have taking care of you.

Every time you visit you’re treated with  a friendly smile and he’s always great for a laugh and chat, but what really makes me come back is that he really cares about your hair. Personally, I love colouring my hair in what Xavier calls “crazy colours”, like vibrant and bright pinks and purples. Xavier not only achieves the colours I want; he also makes sure my hair is coloured in a way that it stays as healthy as possible so that I can continue my “crazy colouring” every time I visit.

I’m always feeling fresh and glam after my appointments which is already fantastic, but it’s even better when strangers stop me in the street just to tell me how much they love my hair. That’s the ultimate compliment and it’s all thanks to Xavier!

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you just want to go in and out within 10 minutes
you don’t really care about how you look as long as your hair is shorter than you walked in
you only accept advices you want rather than you need
you don’t mind your newly coloured hair only lasts for one day
you don’t have hair (joking)

There are many other choices to choose from if hair styling to you is mundane rather than life style.
Feather Factor Studio is not an ordinary hair salon. It is a place where you feel valued, appreciated and empowered. It is a place where art and science meets.

I’m honoured to have Xavier as my hair stylist for over (your put the number) years now, despite of the fact that this guy is so hard to book (unless you do it in advance), you really cannot find another stylist who dedicates so much care and attention towards his expertise. Not only he will spend all the time in the world discussing what fits you the most, he will also go into meticulous details to all the whys and hows. He will try to understand you as a person, as a friend, and gives you advices based upon who you are and what works the best for you.

Don’t be surprised if he starts talking about the furnitures he has in the salon, the lighting choices he made, the latest machines he purchased for hair treatment, or the custom-made chair you are sitting on, because that shows how passionate he is towards his work.

Going to Feather Factor Studio is an experience, it is an experience that you don’t know you need. Do yourself a favour and make a booking now.

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I’ve gone to so many hairdressers before and I had become accustomed to dealing with various hair stylists. With Xavier, I can genuinely claim that I’ve discovered my ideal professional. He is consistent. He cuts my hair with care rather than rushing through it. He is fantastic!

Feather Factor has a very soothing environment which I love. He has also curated an amazing team that work with him to create an environment that I believe it is the best spot in town for a haircut.

Xavier has cut my hair for more than 10 years now. Before starting Feather Factor, he work at many different salons and I followed him to all of them because I know he is a hair wizard.

I definitely recommend Xavier and Feather Factor. You will not be disappointed. Perhaps I will see you there some time!